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Our team

A very different team organised to drill the world.

Close to perfection's inventor, and yestermoment's founder. Crazy for travelling. He arrived from his last trip some weeks ago with more than 50 mosquito bites, and they seemed to be few for him!! Usually, we miss him, but when he is at the office, we don't!



He manages the “Telefónica” group. He is the crazy nº2066. He knows so many things that we think in the firm that he works with a Chinese group connected to the “Wikipedia”. We call him the moving encyclopedia.




We call her: “The Pitbull”. We do not want to scary you, but sometimes she “creates fear”. She is the perfect financial controller, she does not want to lose any single euro!


Responsible Administrative-Financial

A very relaxed guy. We have found out, after years of investigation, that his blood comes from the Caribbean, although his skin says the contrary. His packages are “close to perfection” and the observation is his best virtue.


Logistics’ expert

As many people say: he is a horny mental. A recognised 'huevón' and a proud father. We have discovered that at spring time his melatonin levels increase considerably. His singing voice makes flowers withering. He is the strength of the team, never loses the smile and he does not get distracted easily. He could move all warehouse without messing his hair up.


Logistics’ expert

Car’s collector par excellence. He possesses more than 500 car units in 1:43 scale. All of them perfectly identified. His greatest virtue is the organization. Legend says that he washes his cars more than 8 days per week and his sneezing sound is his best way to frighten the enemy.

Juan Carlos

Commercial Director and Head of TodoTaladros team

She is called “department head”, “code-keeper”, etc. She speaks a lot, in that way, that she had to learn 4 languages to be able to get rid of all stories she has inside herself. She does not want to mention it, but she knows all TodoTaladros hidden corners: she knows where the batteries, the hidden sweets or the 5 cutters lost a week are.


Responsible of “a bit of everything”

Her virtues aren’t the patience (which is the mother of science), neither the calm. She is all the opposite. In fact, she is surprised by herself realising how fast she can speak and how many words per minute she is able to drop day by day.


Responsible of invoicing

He is the quietest. We have brought him on board on 1st June at Betanzos’ market. He is developing things which even the Chinese people haven’t discovered yet. We only disturb him (from time to time) to see the beautiful things he does in our webpage and social networks. We fell in love of his creativity, and his talent won our heart.



Responsible of Marketing 8.0

She pleases us every week with her desserts, gluten free obviously. Our favorite one is the brownie. Her big agony is holding the firm's erudites’ up week after week. She is the creator of different Internet domains like: AllMuffins, AllBrownies, AllRecipes, etc. Although she dances Zumba crazily, it doesn´t mean her personality is.



Owner of déjà vus and proprietor of mental absences. She is specialised in the barbaric language, although the fact is that she is very affectionate and pleasant person. She has the key to open 100 cases in Amazon per day, even though the people do not pay her any attention.


Responsible of International Expansion

It is said that he has the key to end up with all the firm collectively and in secret (this is called “collective suicide”). We believe him. As specialist in logistics, he has all very well-organised and in perfect order. In fact, all members of the company have lunch in the warehouse. When finishing, he obliges us to clean the crumbs up.


Logistics’ expert

1st Huevón of Spain and proudly recognised. Once, he ate twelve eggs and now, we are asking ourselves to see what will be his next heavy menu. Rabbits are on the menu.


Logistics’ expert


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